Reddit adds image galleries

Reddit included picture displays, making it simpler to share multiple images at a time.

Until now, on Reddit, if you needed to include one or more images in one post, then it’s been a difficult task. Most of the users, especially if they are using mobile, needed to paste links to outside external photo-sharing sites like Imgur to reply or posting it. After now, Reddit is going to add a new feature called Image Gallery. This Image Gallery will let you include and combine numerous pictures or GIFs into a single post that you can save and post, even if you are using your mobile.

Previously, there was one way to upload numerous pictures for Redditors directly to the site in case of a desktop computer having the Reddit redesign enabled. Users could choose numerous images using the ‘Fancy Pants Editor’ in the previous photo post, where the images needed to drag into the post, otherwise select the small image icon and highlighting the images that need to add.

With the new image galleries of Reddit, you will be permitted to post up to 20 images or GIFs on a single post. According to Reddit, soon after launch, the support of numerous videos in a post will be also coming. The community people will be able to enable the Image Gallery feature, but moderators will require to opt-in so that their members could be allowed to use this feature. The feature is accessible on iOS and desktop devices where the Android support will be coming next week.

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